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Last year I went to North Korea with my human companion.  Below are some pictures.  The firsr is me at The Mass Games in Pyongyang.  I got to go on the underground system too.  In the third picture I'm at the DMZ.  I didn't meet any other travel buddies while I was there. :)

It's not really a travelstory, but I HAVE (!) to tell you, because I'm so happy!

Today I got a new suitcase for all my clothes. Even my plush toy - yes, I have a plush toy - fit's in that new and very elegant piece of luggage. So, I'm ready for new adventures.

I was made in a toy factory in Germany. They packed me in a box with several other plushies and brought me to a department store in Cologne. I sat there for a long time and everybody was passing bye or buying another plush toys. Nobody liked me. Than Clouchen came.

Prosper in the castle "Ducs de Bretagne"

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